Collected (C)artefacts

So the story goes like this: If you want to major in cartography at the University of Vienna, you end up creating a whole bunch of websites for different courses, with even more artwork and more or less humorous texts. I recently got taken my former student account taken offline, so I copied the whole directory to this server.

Feel free to explore my musings from all those years (pardon: semesters) here.

Some special gems from the collection:

  • The “sleeping resort” project, output of a ArcGIS ModelBuilder course, with a handwoven pre-OpenLayers map display engine:
    Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-17 um 17.46.20 
  • The seminar papers for “Thematic Cartography“, where I strongly followed the idea of “unobstrusive styling”, and learned one or another CSS and jQuery trick which was not content of the curriculum.

    Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-17 um 17.56.25 

  • Part of those assignments: a fictive map of “La Beuverie” showing noise pollution by student parties (incl. a nifty little fairy-tale :))